Oct 07, 2021

October 2021 - Top Shelf Tuesday Featured Tequila of the Month - Del Maguey Vida de Muertos


In 1995, artist Ron Cooper founded Del Maguey to facilitate distribution of handcrafted, single-village mezcals outside of Mexico. This company was the first to introduce quality mezcals to the rest of the world on a large scale.

The strong incorporation of cultural relationships with Oaxaca villages such as Puebla, Mexico, has allowed Del Maguey to emphasize the ancient production processes that have been passed down through generations for hundreds of years.

Del Maguey chooses distillers that focus on the art of small-batch, family production and selects spirits that express the complex character, diverse micro-climates, and rich terroir of Mexico.

In 2010, Del Maguey launched Vida, a 42% cocktail mezcal which created a new spirit category, that of a cocktail mezcal; a high-quality, milder mezcal; a high-quality, milder mezcal available at a cheaper price designed specifically for mixed drinks.

For 2021, Del Maguey has released a very limited-edition version of Vida with a higher alcohol content and deeper cultural significance. Vida de Muertos was inspired by the indigenous traditions of creating special mezcals for Día de los Muertos celebrations. To this end, the Cruz Nolasco family, headed by master distiller Paciano Cruz Nolasco, has created to a bottle to honor the traditions deeply rooted in Mexican culture.

Vida De Muertos is an exotic mezcal that holds a deep balanced profile of citrus, heavy fruit tones and roasted agave with a lingering mineral finish. The higher alcohol content of 45% ABV intensifies every nuance of this spirit and allows the mezcal to assert more flavor into each sip.

Only a small batch of this rare mezcal was made and the Matador is one of the few bars fortunate enough to receive a supply. Stop by any of our Matador locations to give this unique agave spirit a try. We’ll be featuring it in a special discounted margarita every Tuesday from October 5th through October 26th. Also available as a straight pour at any time this month while supplies last!